An experimental four-faceted, nonprofit, dance oriented production-company and information center, whose existence is to engage and edutain audiences by addressing socially relevant topics through interdisciplinary performances, scholarly research, advocacy / activism, and entrepreneurship. The structure of this project is designed to unite the four parts of the human form: spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical, within the realm of the tangible world. Using this approach M*SHAKA*FUSION, LLC seeks to challenge the system, using live performance, film, music, writings, and other experimental endeavors, in order to improve the structure of the current mainstream culture, introducing new ideas across the board. The scholarly manner in which material is selected, gathered, crafted, and reintroduced into the community seeks to push the boundaries of mainstream ideas into uncharted territories, creating original self-produced works, collaborations, and partnerships, within and outside of the dance field in order to challenge the status quo… Rocking the paradigm. In doing this, an environment is created that fosters unity of artist to artist, and artist community- dissolving the fourth wall and establishing a dialog- thus, allowing for a more informed, conscious, and empowered audience to emerge.

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